Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Because she said so...

Once upon a time a lady told me about my future. She told me about teaching, writing, travel, relationships, and even where I should live. Two things she said really stood out to me. #1: "You are surrounded by children. You are like a beacon of light to them." Seriously that was the first thing she said to me, before I ever said anything about my profession. Did I mention this lady was a psychic? Anyway #2: "Are you also a writer?" I answered yes, because at the time I was ghostwriting for someone else's blog, and completing other miscellaneous writing projects for this person's business. I explained this to her and she told me that was a great start, but I needed to express my own voice and create my own blog. She then told me why I needed to do this and what would come of it. Naturally, like most people would, I took her words with a grain of salt and filed them away in the "oh isn't that interesting" part of my brain. But you know what? Except for one thing, everything she said has come to pass or turned into a real possibility. It's funny how life is full of choices, and no matter which ones we make, things just have a funny way of working out. And that makes me smile.

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