Monday, September 20, 2010

Like Nothing You Could Even Imagine

Why is it that so many things about Lake County are unimaginable except to those who live here and experience it daily?

Lots of things pop into my head: the poverty, the drugs, the addictions, the number of ex-cons, the ignorance, the anger, the illiteracy, the mental health problems... All of those are so abundant here that seeing is the only way to believe.

But scattered throughout this swamp of negativity are some really wonderful things.

The way snow covers Cobb. The way clouds envelope Mt. Konocti. The way the lake looks so blue and peaceful. The way the grape leaves cover the hills in fiery orange. The way people drag beat up boats behind their beat up cars on a soapy track...

This weekend was my first ever time at the speedway. What brought me there, you might wonder? The boat races. Don't let the name mislead you. There were no boats floating in water racing on the lake. THESE boat races involved junkyard cars towing junkyard boats around a track while trying to knock everybody else's boat to smithereens.

$10 and a Saturday evening well spent!