Thursday, December 20, 2012

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

I've never been big on Christmas decorations (too much work!), but since we have a house now, and most people on our street go all out for EVERY FREAKING HOLIDAY, we decided to spruce up the place a bit. (Ha ha, "spruce." Get it?) Lame jokes aside, this is what we have to show for our efforts.

A tree filled with special ornaments, like this one we got on our honeymoon in Disneyland.

And this one we got at our wedding from a friend. It was handmade by her sister before she unexpectedly passed away.

 Matching Mickey and Minnie stockings.

A wreath near our front door. Near because that's where the nail was, and hey, we are a little lazy.

Pretty lights on the bushes and roofline.

Coming soon to a mailbox near you! 
Got the fonts and the frame from links on Pinterest. Gotta love Pinterest and Photoshop!

Also, someone in our neighborhood delivered luminaries to our door. Apparently a few of the neighborhoods around (including ours) line the streets with luminaries on Christmas Eve and they bus people in to walk around and look at them. So excited for that!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Some Good Wedding Photos

After sharing our Wedding Photo Fails I think it's only fair to share some of the photos that were fine.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Cookies and Caroling...or Not

This past weekend we had an awesome party.

We've lived in our house for 10 months and with all the wedding planning, didn't get around to inviting everyone over to see it. Couple that with our love of entertaining and you get "Cookies and Caroling." We invited friends and family over to see our house, share dessert, and go Christmas caroling. Quite a few people showed up, and the desserts were SO GOOD! All of them. We played holiday charades (thank you, Pinterest), had a sing/guitar-a-long and generally enjoyed the festive merriment. Unfortunately, we did not make it caroling. The people who were interested in caroling either had to leave early or were sick, and it started raining. I think we had an even better time staying inside though!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Wedding Photo FAILS

As soon as we got engaged, there was one thing I knew I wanted to spend money on... photography. I was very adamant about how of all the things we had to pay for, photography was most important to me. I thoroughly researched photographers and was willing to pay for good quality. But then we chose a package deal. And photography was included. And there was a choice of  3 photographers. I checked out their blogs and looked at their portfolios and picked one. And hoped for the best. We had an engagement session to get to know our photographer, and while she was nice, she didn't really help us feel comfortable in front of the camera. Our pictures turned out decent enough, and I thought for sure by wedding day things would improve.

On our wedding day, I didn't pay a whole lot of attention to the photographer. After all, she is a professional right? And past clients just rave about her, so she's completely trustworthy right? Maybe so if I had lower standards. But alas I do not, and it is still upsetting to look at most of the photos from our wedding day. Here are some (but definitely not all) of the most terrible photos we got from our "professional" photographer.
Oooh a pretty tree to use as a background! Now all of the photos with the groom and the groomsmen make it look like the groom has branches growing out of his head. Just like antlers! He likes hunting right?

 How about a blurry shot of the ceremony? A cherished keepsake for sure.

 Bride and groom leaving the church. Where is the bride? Oh she is hidden behind that giant bouquet.

 A photo of the chalices. WTF?

 How about a shot with some creative sun spots? Right over the father of the bride's face. And let's not bother to close the church doors either. Distraction is a good thing.

Hey look! This groomsman has a bent over woman growing out of his butt!

Random photo of the buffet with no food...

Oh look at that cute table seating detail! Too bad I got here after everyone took their card and now there is no point to this photo.

Everyone wants a blurry photo of their cake. Everyone.

Hmmm. Instead of taking pictures of people using these photo props, how about I just take a crappy picture of them?

The bride won't notice the leaf stuck to the back of her dress in this photo...

Or stuck to the front of it in this photo...

Let's see how awkward this couple can look in their photos!

Homemade cookies with cute little signs were sitting out for guests to enjoy? Well I will let them all eat the cookies first and then take pictures of the grossness that is left over!

Another detail... The wine glass favors that were designed to match the invitations. I will take a photo of the glass with water in it so you can't possibly see the design!

These chairs are from the bride and groom's living room? And fit perfectly with the look of the wedding? Too bad I can't be bothered to move the coat and shoot them from a different angle.

Oh rats! It's time for me to go and I never took a picture of the bride's shoes. Another great wedding day detail. Well crappy is better than nothing, right?

Friday, November 30, 2012

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Science teacher: "I got these rocks about 10 years after Mt. St. Helens erupted, from the side of the road up there."

Student: "So... are those rocks still hot?"

Student: "What is Mr. Huey?"
Me: "He is a man."
Student: "No, I mean like is he Chinese or American?"
Me: "Well, he is American. But his dad's ancestors are from China and his mom's ancestors are from Europe."
Student: "So does he look Asian or not Asian?"
Me: "Well it depends on which way he's standing. Sometimes he looks Asian and sometimes he doesn't."

Next day, after student sees Mr. Huey: "You were right. From one side he looked Asian, and from the other side he didn't."

Several days later, after student see Mr. Huey wearing the same shirt: "Does Mr. Huey only have one shirt?"
Me: "Yes."
Student: "Oh. What about pants?"

Kindergartner: "Are you a 4th grader or a 5th grader?"
Me: "I'm Mrs. Huey. I teach 4th grade."
Kindergartner: "Oh... So who's class are you in?"

Meet Oliver

I'm Oliver.
I'm 4 months old and so glad I got adopted last weekend. I love to cuddle, purr, eat, and pounce! I wasn't scared at all to go to my new home and live with my new family.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Kinder Art

This is a fraction of what was collected over the last week. I get about a half dozen drawings everyday because they all draw me pictures when they are at the art center.
Not sure what this is. Maybe a robot chicken?

Those are two pregnant ladies. Hence, the person inside a person.

Apparently I look like Jack Skellington.

And a muppet.

And rapunzel.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Kinder Writing

"My dad had a big shit." (It was supposed to say ship...)

"My favorite food is chile cheese fries. It is cheese and gooey. We get it Weener Snizle. It is my favorite food because it is good."

I like Bob the Builder. He can build stuff. He can build stuff with a hammer. Bob got a cupcake.

I like karate. My Gigi takes me to karate. Mister Robinson teaches me 4 directional punch. 1 2 block. 3 4 block. 5 6 block.

One day I saw a unicorn. It was pretty. And I saw a rainbow.

Dear Ms. Simpson,
How are you. I am good and I will respect you. and I will respect you on the carpit. and I am and I like going to scoole.

Dear Ms. Simpson, I love you. I want to give you a flower.

Letters from the letter writing center:

"My teacher is grat. I love her. and I go home I fell sad. I frget about beeng sad. I want to go to school. I get to do p.e. and math. Please open. De End."

"Dear Mr. Sipsin. How are you? I am well. I like my school. I get to do centers. it is fun we get read and withe. we do p.e. and mash. I hop you write bake! and opend it."

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Kinder Talk

"If I get on purple my mommy said she's gonna buy me a dress and some high heels and some make up and some jewelry and what's that thing you put on your head? A crayon? Yeah a crayon."

"If I get on purple my mommy said I get to wear one of those things, you know that can get wet"
"A swim suit?"
"A bathing suit?"
"Yeah. My mommy said I get to wear my baking suit and I get to go in the water and I'm going to swim like this..."

"Miss Simpson are these my taste bugs?"

"Miss Simpson, I know what that is! That's a black mama. Those black mamas are so scary!" (Pointing to a picture of a black mamba).

"One day I met a princess. And I married Miss Simpson."

"Miss Simpson can I have a new one? This one is ugly. It got all wet because I bless you'd on it."

"Miss Simpson I remember last year I saw a giant salami! And it was so big and it crashed in the city. And it was so scary because it took the people and the houses out into the ocean!"