Friday, May 18, 2012

Kinder Writing

"My dad had a big shit." (It was supposed to say ship...)

"My favorite food is chile cheese fries. It is cheese and gooey. We get it Weener Snizle. It is my favorite food because it is good."

I like Bob the Builder. He can build stuff. He can build stuff with a hammer. Bob got a cupcake.

I like karate. My Gigi takes me to karate. Mister Robinson teaches me 4 directional punch. 1 2 block. 3 4 block. 5 6 block.

One day I saw a unicorn. It was pretty. And I saw a rainbow.

Dear Ms. Simpson,
How are you. I am good and I will respect you. and I will respect you on the carpit. and I am and I like going to scoole.

Dear Ms. Simpson, I love you. I want to give you a flower.

Letters from the letter writing center:

"My teacher is grat. I love her. and I go home I fell sad. I frget about beeng sad. I want to go to school. I get to do p.e. and math. Please open. De End."

"Dear Mr. Sipsin. How are you? I am well. I like my school. I get to do centers. it is fun we get read and withe. we do p.e. and mash. I hop you write bake! and opend it."

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Kinder Talk

"If I get on purple my mommy said she's gonna buy me a dress and some high heels and some make up and some jewelry and what's that thing you put on your head? A crayon? Yeah a crayon."

"If I get on purple my mommy said I get to wear one of those things, you know that can get wet"
"A swim suit?"
"A bathing suit?"
"Yeah. My mommy said I get to wear my baking suit and I get to go in the water and I'm going to swim like this..."

"Miss Simpson are these my taste bugs?"

"Miss Simpson, I know what that is! That's a black mama. Those black mamas are so scary!" (Pointing to a picture of a black mamba).

"One day I met a princess. And I married Miss Simpson."

"Miss Simpson can I have a new one? This one is ugly. It got all wet because I bless you'd on it."

"Miss Simpson I remember last year I saw a giant salami! And it was so big and it crashed in the city. And it was so scary because it took the people and the houses out into the ocean!"