Thursday, May 17, 2012

Kinder Talk

"If I get on purple my mommy said she's gonna buy me a dress and some high heels and some make up and some jewelry and what's that thing you put on your head? A crayon? Yeah a crayon."

"If I get on purple my mommy said I get to wear one of those things, you know that can get wet"
"A swim suit?"
"A bathing suit?"
"Yeah. My mommy said I get to wear my baking suit and I get to go in the water and I'm going to swim like this..."

"Miss Simpson are these my taste bugs?"

"Miss Simpson, I know what that is! That's a black mama. Those black mamas are so scary!" (Pointing to a picture of a black mamba).

"One day I met a princess. And I married Miss Simpson."

"Miss Simpson can I have a new one? This one is ugly. It got all wet because I bless you'd on it."

"Miss Simpson I remember last year I saw a giant salami! And it was so big and it crashed in the city. And it was so scary because it took the people and the houses out into the ocean!"

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