Sunday, December 16, 2012

Wedding Photo FAILS

As soon as we got engaged, there was one thing I knew I wanted to spend money on... photography. I was very adamant about how of all the things we had to pay for, photography was most important to me. I thoroughly researched photographers and was willing to pay for good quality. But then we chose a package deal. And photography was included. And there was a choice of  3 photographers. I checked out their blogs and looked at their portfolios and picked one. And hoped for the best. We had an engagement session to get to know our photographer, and while she was nice, she didn't really help us feel comfortable in front of the camera. Our pictures turned out decent enough, and I thought for sure by wedding day things would improve.

On our wedding day, I didn't pay a whole lot of attention to the photographer. After all, she is a professional right? And past clients just rave about her, so she's completely trustworthy right? Maybe so if I had lower standards. But alas I do not, and it is still upsetting to look at most of the photos from our wedding day. Here are some (but definitely not all) of the most terrible photos we got from our "professional" photographer.
Oooh a pretty tree to use as a background! Now all of the photos with the groom and the groomsmen make it look like the groom has branches growing out of his head. Just like antlers! He likes hunting right?

 How about a blurry shot of the ceremony? A cherished keepsake for sure.

 Bride and groom leaving the church. Where is the bride? Oh she is hidden behind that giant bouquet.

 A photo of the chalices. WTF?

 How about a shot with some creative sun spots? Right over the father of the bride's face. And let's not bother to close the church doors either. Distraction is a good thing.

Hey look! This groomsman has a bent over woman growing out of his butt!

Random photo of the buffet with no food...

Oh look at that cute table seating detail! Too bad I got here after everyone took their card and now there is no point to this photo.

Everyone wants a blurry photo of their cake. Everyone.

Hmmm. Instead of taking pictures of people using these photo props, how about I just take a crappy picture of them?

The bride won't notice the leaf stuck to the back of her dress in this photo...

Or stuck to the front of it in this photo...

Let's see how awkward this couple can look in their photos!

Homemade cookies with cute little signs were sitting out for guests to enjoy? Well I will let them all eat the cookies first and then take pictures of the grossness that is left over!

Another detail... The wine glass favors that were designed to match the invitations. I will take a photo of the glass with water in it so you can't possibly see the design!

These chairs are from the bride and groom's living room? And fit perfectly with the look of the wedding? Too bad I can't be bothered to move the coat and shoot them from a different angle.

Oh rats! It's time for me to go and I never took a picture of the bride's shoes. Another great wedding day detail. Well crappy is better than nothing, right?

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