Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Wedding Transportation FAIL

*Disclaimer* Yes I am posting about these wedding fails, but that does not mean it was a horrible day. In fact, it was a beautiful, magical day, and what I remember most was the love we felt from everyone the whole time. What a great feeling to be able to experience! 

The fail stories are still entertaining, which is why I am sharing them.

You know how when terrible things happen on important days you just tell yourself you'll laugh about it later? Well, here is a whole group of those kinds of things!

Two of my three brothers live on the East Coast, and they didn't get into town until two nights before the wedding. It's kind of amazing they made it at all. 

First, #1's flight was changed without him being notified. He found out when he tried to check in for his flight. They changed it so much that his first flight would be arriving in Denver 15 minutes after his connecting flight would have departed. Needless to say, he missed his connecting flight. Luckily, he was able to catch a plane later that night and got in around midnight.

#2 was able to make all of his flights. His luggage, however, was not. He had packed his only suit in his suitcase. Which was lost. It turned up the day after the wedding.

#3's pants ripped on the way to the church.

My parent's car broke down in the parking lot just as my dad and brothers arrived at the church.

But here is the kicker... the ladies almost didn't make it to the church at all.

My mom hired a limo to take us from my house to the church in Clarksburg. It's not a complicated drive. Get on highway 50, get on I-5, exit and you're basically there. We were sitting in the limo, enjoying the ride when I start to think, "Hmm. We should be there by now. Where are we?" I look out the window and notice that we are in DAVIS! That is not on highway 50 OR I-5! And instead of turning around immediately, the limo driver said, "Well I'm just following the directions on my GPS. It shows that we're on track." After some convincing, the limo driver pulled off the road, re-checked his GPS and realized, duh, we were 20 minutes in the wrong direction. An hour later, we finally got to the church in time to jerryrig my dress (click here for that story) and take some awful photos (click here for that story).

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