Monday, April 8, 2013

20 miles, No Big Deal


I'm an over-achiever.

It's never bothered me, until yesterday, when something I should have been extremely proud of suddenly became ordinary.

Once upon a time, I thought I would never ever ever (like ever) run 20 miles. The two days leading up to the run, I was still in awe, thinking "Oh my gosh. 20 miles? That's sooo far!"

On the day of the run, it was fantastic! At least for the first 13.25 miles. It was cool, the sun was not in my face, and there were lots of friendly runners to wave to. Then at mile 13.26 everything started to hurt. Not a big problem- it usually happens at mile 9 for me. I told myself, "Eh, at least I made it this far. Only 6.75 more miles to go," and continued that conversation for the next 6.75 miles.

When I finally finished the run, I'll admit I had a few tears. One was a happy tear to be done with my greatest running feat to date. One was because my hips were screaming in agony, and the last was "Oh crap! I have to do that plus 6.2 more in 3 weeks?"

I went home, took a shower, ate some eggs and headed to the theater for Cinderella. Less than an hour and a half after running 20 miles I was performing onstage. Like running 20 miles was no big deal.

I hope that after I finish the full marathon, I can appreciate the 16 weeks of training that went into it and be proud of myself, instead of thinking, "Yeah, I just ran a marathon. Whatever."