Thursday, May 30, 2013

Halfway To 13 in '13

13 in '13

Now that we are 1/2 way through 2013, I thought it would be good to see how I'm doing on my goals.

1. Run a Marathon
or two...
Successfully ran a trail marathon. Signed up for the CIM in December and two other half marathons between now and then.

2. Complete a Sprint Distance Triathlon
I'm one-upping myself and doing an olympic distance tri on June 30th. Never thought I would enjoy cycling, but it is so.much.easier. than running!

3. Give Up Meat for at Least a Month
Re-thinking this one. Maybe just no processed foods for a month?

4. Grow Some Veggies or Herbs
The tomato plant that one of my students gave me has not produced tomatoes yet, but it is still alive, so that's good!

5. Compost
Attempted. Failed. Who knew you could fail at trying to get things to decompose?

6. Perform in a Play

7. Sing in Public
Halfway check. I had the chance to sing the national anthem at the fun run on January 1 but chickened out. But I did put a recording of me playing guitar and singing on Youtube.

8. Go Somewhere I've Never Been
Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada.
Coming soon: Philadelphia

9. Help Others
Haven't done this as significantly as I'd like.

10. Simplify
And by some miracle, the pantry is STILL organized!

11. Make an Item of Clothing
To be clear, I never specified it had to be clothing that could be worn anytime... I've made a tutu and a princess dress (but the top was just safety pinned to a tank top).

12. Go to Church More Often
So far I've gone once.

13. Work toward my financial goals
Hahahahahaha. Spending money is too much fun.

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