Monday, June 10, 2013

Vacation FAIL -or- I went to Philly and all I got was a bloody knee...

In California, in June especially, if the weather report calls for "a chance of showers," that usually means it will sprinkle a little bit in the morning or in the evening. In Philadelphia, apparently it means it will start pouring from the minute you step out of the car until the minute you buy an umbrella.

That jacket is not water proof, as Adam claimed.

Under normal circumstances, this wouldn't be a huge deal. But when you've been wearing the same clothes for almost 24 hours, haven't eaten for 12 hours and have no where to be but outside, it suddenly becomes a big problem. 

We had no plan other than to wander the city. That would have been fine, if it was sometime later than 6 am and the tourist sites were open. 

Alas, they weren't. So we wandered. In the rain. For at least an hour and a half until we found somewhere to take refuge and eat breakfast.

Then we got an umbrella and it pretty much stopped raining.

We went to Independence Hall, which is about as striking as the Alamo. It looks cool on the outside but you only get to see two rooms where things might have happened.

Then we saw the liberty bell, which was pretty cool.

Then, since we are dumb, we decided to walk to Pat's to get famous Philly cheesesteaks. It was a 1.3 mile walk. In less than dry clothes. Through some not so great neighborhoods.

When we finally got there, the cheesesteaks were really good. So we were happy.

Fast forward 3 days. My shoes were finally dry. We'd been in semi-rural Pennsylvania (I walked a mile to get to the "village" of Frazer) since the 1.3 mile walk back to the car after eating cheeseteaks. I thought, "Hey! Today might be a good day for a run!" So I set out to go on a nice 3 mile loop. I quickly learned that semi-rural Pennsylvania is not very pedestrian friendly. I had to run on the sloping grass on the side of the road.

I saw a groundhog. That was easily the highlight of semi-rural Pennsylvania.

2.7 miles into my 3 mile loop, I encountered a severe problem. I could see the hotel, but to get there I would have to cross the street that had a freeway junction. There were "NO PEDESTRIAN" signs up every direction I looked.


I had to turn around and go back. So much for a nice short little 3 mile run.

About a mile later, I tripped. And fell. And my phone went SPLAT and my arms went SKID and my knee went THUD. And I said, "Really? Of course this would happen!" 

And then it started to rain.

Needless to say, I wasn't sad to leave the Keystone state.

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