Saturday, November 16, 2013

Disneyland Half Marathon

Once in a while, luck is on my side and I get things I want without having to work for it. Such was the case in January when registration for the Disneyland Half Marathon opened and Adam happened to remember that it was the day to register. Also by some stroke of luck, he decided to sign up to do it too!

Between being burned out on exercise from the marathon/triathlon training and the ridiculously hot temps, I didn't start training for this run until the beginning of August. Actually, that's kind of a lie. I began training for the CIM in August, and this race just occurred at the beginning of that training cycle.

We flew down to Anaheim Thursday after work. The next morning we arrived at Disneyland and promptly bought our annual passes. In the words of the muppets, YAYAYAYAYAYA! We spent lots of time at Disneyland on Friday and hit the expo. The expo was awesome. So much stuff to look at, and things to do. Like get your picture taken in front of the "castle." They were also previewing a new Once Upon A Time spin-off but we didn't have time to see it.

I bought a sparkle skirt so I can pretend to be a princess when I run.

The next day we spent a lot more time at Disneyland, and went to the expo again because it was that cool. We went to bed early (or at least tried to) because we had to board the shuttle bus at 3:30 a.m. the next day. I was still awake when the Disneyland fireworks went off, so I wouldn't say I got a lot of sleep.

In the morning we got on the shuttle with a bunch of other sleepyheads and arrived at the park. There was a pre-event party going on where you could get water, check out people's costumes, dance, and not think about how hot it was. Seriously it was like Florida hot and humid. 80 degrees before the sun even came up. Disgusting.

Finally they released us to go to the corrals. I was very lucky to be in corral B. I only had to wait about 10 minutes from when the gun went off to when I crossed the start. They had some pre-race entertainment going on, like motivational words from Allison Sweeney, and a couple got engaged up on the stage.
Mickey and Minnie even showed up to see us off.

Before this race started, I really wanted to PR. I stayed with the pacer for the first two miles. Then we started passing characters and I decided it was more important to have fun and take pictures than to try to go fast and feel like crap.

Cars Land

Don't usually see these 3 walking down Main Street

Andy is nowhere in sight. At ease soldiers!

Why are they so tall?

She taught me how to pose like a princess.

Woo! We made it!

After the race we both took advantage of the free post-race massages. Even though it was the worst weather I've raced in, it was definitely the best race. I stayed properly fueled and hydrated, never hit the wall, had fun the whole time, and it was my second fastest half marathon. There were plenty of aid stations, entertainment along the way, and it was a flat course.

For those who don't know, you start out near the Disneyland Hotel, run around the outside of California Adventure, run through California Adventure, run around Disneyland, run through Disneyland, go out onto the streets of Anaheim, run past the Honda Center, run through Angels Stadium, and finish right near the Disneyland Hotel.

There were people cheering/playing music/showing off their cars the whole way, which was motivating and helped pass the time. My one complaint was the lady on a bicycle ringing her bell for 6 miles. Nonstop. No matter if I sped up or slowed down, I couldn't get away from her. Finally I couldn't take it anymore and I said (probably loud enough for other people to hear) Bleep Bleep it lady! Stop ringing that bleeping bell! Then we turned a corner to a part of the course where she couldn't go. THANK GOODNESS!

We returned to the hotel for a shower and a nap before meeting Kurt for lunch at ESPN Zone. Mmmmm blue cheese burger. Then we went back to the parks for as much of the rest of the day as we could stand. I stupidly agreed to go on Tower of Terror. It. Was. Terrifying.

I am not laughing in this picture. Thanks a lot Kurt.