Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My Year of Running

2013 unofficially became my year of running. I did 13 running events in 12 months. The highlights were: improving my marathon time by over an hour, frequently placing in the top 10 of my age group for shorter races, and having a PR at my last race of the year.

What's next? Trying to run a sub 2 hour half marathon at Disneyland for the Tinkerbell Half Marathon in a few weeks.

12 out of 13- not too shabby!

13 in '13

1. Run a Marathon
or two...
Folsom Lake Trail Run: April 27, 2013
California International Marathon: December 8, 2013

2. Complete a Sprint Distance Triathlon
Sacramento International Triathlon (Olympic Distance): June 30, 2013

3. Give Up Meat for at Least a Month
Decided it wasn't worth it this year.

4. Grow Some Veggies or Herbs

The tomato plant produced one tomato, that Adam accidentally knocked off the vine when it was still green. But I am at least growing some (patchy) ground cover in our side yard.

5. Compost
Attempted. Failed. Tried again... Failed again.

6. Perform in a Play
Grizelda in Cinderella Redux: Spring 2013

7. Sing in Public
Got up in front of a small audience in a park and played my guitar and sang.

8. Go Somewhere I've Never Been
Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada: March 2013

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: June 2013
Mammoth Lakes, California: October 2013

9. Help Others
-1/1 Fun Run: Sweet Dreams Foundation
-Wounded Veteran Run: Wounded Warrior Project
-Folsom Firecracker 5k: The Grace Foundation
-Folsom Turkey Trot: Twin Lakes Food Bank
-Jeans for Troops: GI Go Fund
-Canned food drive at school: Twin Lakes Food Bank
-CIM: SRA running programs
-Santa Run: Breast cancer research

10. Simplify
Most of the labels have fallen off, but the pantry still looks fairly organized. We also organized our closet. The garage was organized for a while. The craft room got organized too. And, at school, my files are finally organized!

11. Make an Item of Clothing
To be clear, I never specified it had to be clothing that could be worn anytime... I've made a tutu and a princess dress (but the top was just safety pinned to a tank top).

12. Go to Church More Often
I don't think I went to church more times than in 2012, but I did go more regularly for a while. What I learned was that I feel more spiritually connected in a yoga class than at mass.

13. Work toward my financial goals
WE FILLED THE MONEY JAR! It might not be a big goal, but one goal I had was to fill the money jar with change left around the house. How much money was it you ask? Over $108. Ka-ching!