Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Real Winter - or - A California Girl Goes East

I have lived my 28 years with a very clear definition of “winter”:  The few months out of the year when the days may be cloudy, and one will occasionally have to deal with strong winds and lots of rain. Overall, not such a bad season.

I always thought winter was not so bad because each year I deal with months and months of summer: The five and a half to six months of the year when temperatures rival those in the deepest pits of Hell.

This weekend, I traveled to the East coast during a storm and got to experience what I will now call “Real Winter.” Real Winter is the reason people hate winter.  In Real Winter, the sky is gray. It always seems to be threatening snow. And when it does snow, the flakes will mock you. “Haha. You’re stuck now!”  “Haha! Your feet are cold and wet.” “Haha. I’m melting today but I will freeze overnight and then make you slip in the morning!”

When experiencing Real Winter, you have to actually wear something called “layers.” “Layers” mean you have to wear multiple pairs of pants, multiple shirts, a scarf, a hat, gloves, a coat, and waterproof shoes. Layers are very inconvenient when switching between indoor and outdoor environments. If you wear your Layers indoors, you will soon be sweaty. You could remove them, but they are heavy to carry around. And it takes longer to put them back on than it takes to walk to your car. So you could choose to not wear Layers. You might think, “It’s only 50 feet. I’ll be fine!” If you choose this route, just know that you might get so chilled in those 50 feet that once you get inside, you will wish you had more layers to put on.

Now that I have experienced Real Winter, I appreciate California’s excellent weather. I can’t wait to go back east in June and experience “Real Summer” (aka humidity and bugs).

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