Thursday, June 26, 2014

Losing Anonymity

I thought it would be possible to remain anonymous in a city in which I know exactly one person (my husband). But I'm learning that's just not the case.

In trying to meet people and find things to do, I joined a few meet up groups. One of them, the Worcester Alliance of Photographers, had a meet up today. I met a lovely group of people and got to learn some photography lighting techniques. I also ran into someone I've encountered before. He works at Trader Joe's. He gave me advice about cheese.

It was easy to recognize him because he has a gray beard and a British accent. So now, when I go grocery shopping, I will see someone I know.

Also, I was looking up restaurants on Yelp, and who should I see reviews by than more people from the meet up? For the second largest city in New England, Worcester seems pretty small.

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