Monday, July 7, 2014

Introducing: Ruby the Subie!

Adam and I are full of little quirks, one of them being that our car family is made up of two small red Hondas. Small red Hondas are great when you live in California and you never have to deal with Winter. Small red Hondas are terrible when you live in a hilly city known for getting the most snowfall in the state.

Once we knew we were moving to Massachusetts, we knew we would have to get a snow car. Since Bert is almost paid off (and I love him) we figured it would be best to part with the Civic (who never got a name).

I’ve always wanted a Subaru Outback. It’s what I would have gotten instead of Bert if I could have afforded it. Adam also likes Subarus. Once upon a time he had a fancy Saab that was just a Subaru with a different label on it.

We thought Subarus might still be too expensive, so we had a plan to get a different car, at a much different price. Then we started looking into the fourth of July sales and found out that Subaru was having a clearance on their 2014 Outbacks. Sold!

The dealership had four of the same red Outbacks, so we ended up getting a great deal (below KBB), and now we have a snow car! AND we still have our family of red cars. :)

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