Saturday, July 12, 2014

New England wine tasting in a word: Ew

This weekend we went wine tasting in New England for the second time. The first time was on our way home from Rockport, at a place called Russell Orchards. This time we went to a place called Truro Vineyards on Cape Cod.

We drove up and were greeted by a scene pretty typical of a California winery- sprawling lawn with people picnicking and enjoying their wine. In addition, there was a food truck, rum stand, and a game of corn hole going on. We entered the farmhouse style building and there the differences began.

Instead of bellying up to the bar and perusing different options while we chat with the pourer, we had to buy tickets for the next tasting. (They do tastings every 30 minutes there). We happened to arrive at 3:30, perfect timing for the next tasting.

We headed out to the back deck, where there were several round tables set up and a bar with the 10 wines available to taste on display. Each person could taste five wines. Since there were two of us, we opted to share our glasses so that we’d each get to taste all 10 wines.

First up: 2011 Truro Vineyards Chardonnay & 2012 Truro Vineyards Vignoles
Second: 2011 Truro Vineyards Triumph Meritage & 2011 Truro Vineyards Zinfandel
Third: 2011 Truro Vineyards Cabernet Franc & 2010 Truro Vineyards Merlot
Fourth: Truro Vineyards Cape Blush & Right Red
Fifth: Truro Vineyards Cranberry Red & Turo Vineyards Diamond White

The whites were very sour and most of the reds tasted watery, like a Central Coast wine. The Cape Blush was Ok. Out of all of them, I liked the Cranberry Red the best. The people who let us stay at their cape cod house seem to like the Diamond White, because they have several of those empty bottles around their kitchen. The Cranberry Red comes in a clear lighthouse shaped bottle, and the Diamond White comes in a blue lighthouse shaped bottle.

We were kind of hoping that since the bottles were cool, the wines would be good. So far though, we haven’t found anything that rivals a good California wine.

We left the wine tasting area to go get our free sample of their spiced rum. The rum was much better than any of the wines. It tasted like alcoholic chai tea. Yum.

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