Monday, July 14, 2014

Oh M{eye}!

Last week, I went to the eye doctor. The first thing the eye doctor said to me after entering the room was, “Soooo how do you like driving at night?” Short answer: I don’t enjoy it at all because all I can’t see a dang thing. And then we began my least favorite part: reading the tiny, blurry letters that always look so far away. I always feel like I’m supposed to be able to read the letters, but most of the time I have to just guess. Can other people always read all the letters? E’s and B’s look alike. C’s and G’s. F’s and P’s. Ugh gives me a headache just thinking about it.

So it turns out I need glasses. The guy has me test out three different prescriptions. Of course the ones I like best are the ones that have a prescription strength of only half what it should be, but apparently that’s ok. It will give me time to adjust to wearing glasses without feeling dizzy and deciding to just not wear them.

Today I went to pick up my glasses. Wearing them is actually kind of nice, because everything is nice and crisp, and most importantly, I can read street signs before it’s too late to turn.

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