Wednesday, July 16, 2014

On the Road Again

2013 was a year of intense running. Two marathons, four half marathons, a triathlon, a 10k, and several 5ks really wore me (and my knee, and my hip) out. So I have enjoyed the first 6 months of 2014 as basically run free. I was really thinking "Hey! Maybe this could be my year of no running after spending a year doing nothing but running."

But then, Adam said, "Oh I got an email about registering for the Walt Disney World marathon. I was thinking maybe I would sign up." And I thought "Wow! Adam wants to do a marathon?" And he did! He said he needs motivation to run (because he has none) and that if he were ever going to do a full marathon he'd want it to be a fun one, like the Disney World marathon. I agreed to run with him during training, and then thought, well, if I'm going to be running anyway, maybe I should sign up for a marathon too.

Then we checked the e-mail again, and realized the sign up was for the Princess HALF marathon. I think we both like the idea of doing another half better than jumping into a full, and it IS Disney World, after all... And I've never been... and we were planning on taking a Disney Cruise anyway... so we decided to sign up.

So now the running begins (again). That sub 2 hour half seems so elusive, but I'm determined to get there this time! And then maybe by February I'll be in good enough shape again that running a third marathon won't seem so daunting.

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